With 4 unique, stylish and comfortable spaces (seating arrangements from 2 to 110), The Emerald is perfectly equipped to host your live music happening, corporate mixer, theatrical production, private function or community event.

The Lounge

The Lounge is perfect for cocktails, mingling and canapes. This section is for the true socializer in all of us. The Lounge is great for a less formal event, and can be booked in conjunction with a full dining room or full restaurant rental to increase your event’s capacity!

The Lounge Features:

  • Low Couch Seating
  • Full bar, Bartender(s)

Regular Dining Menu, Pre-ordered Platters & Canapes or Customized Menu

30 Seated - Lounge Style Seating (bar, couch, tall tables)
40 Standing Reception

The Dining Room

The Dining Room at The Emerald is moody, cozy and the perfect setting for any party needing something a little special. This room can be adapted to many different looks. Need a stage? We have one. Need a lounging and personal Bar area? We have that too. Use your imagination and we’ll help you have the perfect event. *Add the Lounge to your Dining Room booking and host up to 150 guests for a standing cocktail style reception!

The Dining Room Features:

  • In Room Bar, Bartender and Service
  • Projector and Screen
  • Large Stage (for Bands/DJs/Performances)

Pre-ordered Full Seated Dining, Platters & Canapes, Buffet Style or A La Carte

70 Seated
90-100 Standing reception

The Main Stage

The Main Stage is exactly as it sounds – a stage – it can host a semi private table that seats 15 and can be rearranged for a standing cocktail style reception of up to 20 guests. It’s a great option for the midsize party that wants to feed off the atmosphere of the whole restaurant while receiving the VIP treatment that comes with your own space. Great for birthdays, holiday staff parties or just because you feel like it! *Music equipment not included with this space.

The Stage Features:

  • Drop Down Semi-Sheer Curtains (between the Dining Room and Main Stage for added Privacy)

Pre-ordered Full Seated Dining, Platters & Canapes, or A La Carte

15 Seated for Full Dining or 20 Guests Standing

The Cabaret Room

The Cabaret Room is the ultimate adaptable private event room. With it’s soundproof walls and it’s own private bar your event can be whatever you want it to be. From weddings to concerts, karaoke to burlesque – this room can handle it!

The Cabaret features:

  • Soundproof Wall (to separate from the rest of the venue)
  • Projector and Screen
  • Private In Room Bar, Bartender and Service
  • Small Stage for Bands/DJs/Performances

Pre-ordered Full Seated Dining, Platters & Canapes, Buffet Style

30-32 Seated with Tables
65-75 Standing

Need more room?
Rent the entire Restaurant!

For larger parties or events like weddings and concerts, you have the option to rent the entire restaurant. This gives you access to all of our rooms as well as all of our regular menus plus we offer custom menu options for these types of larger events. Let us do the planning, and you do the partying.

No matter how big or small your party might be, we can help you make it a party to remember.

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